MOODY’S INVESTORS SERVICE  -  New York, NY                                                                             Feb 2015 - Present

Senior Analyst – Vice President for Corporate Finance Group                                                       

  • Responsible for identifying analyzing and assigning credit risk ratings using expected loss and loss given default methodologies for a portfolio of more than 25 companies in commercial and retail homebuilding and construction sectors. Companies include both publicly traded and privately owned entities.
  • Evaluate credit profile based on: expectations of financial condition, industry and macroeconomic risks, operating performance, capital structure, management strategy and financial policy. Responsibilities include ongoing monitoring of credit quality, lead the relationship with company CEOs and CFOs for rating agency transactions.
  • Present rating recommendations to Rating Committees as well as recommend changes to ratings and/or outlooks.
  • Publish ongoing research documents such as credit opinions, sector and issuer comments and in-depth analyses.
  • Manage relationships investors and intermediaries and provide expert advice on all credit risk related matters concerning the industry and the portfolio companies. 

SANTANDER BANK  -  New York, NY                                                                                             Jun 2010 - Dec 2014

Vice President – North America Structured and Project Finance Credit Risk Management                           

  • Started and lead the Structured and Project finance risk management group in North America with more than $2.5 billion in lending facilities. Focused on infrastructure, oil & gas, renewable and conventional energy, and acquisition financing in the United States and Canada.
  • Hired 8 members for the credit risk management team for the newly created North American office in charge of identifying, describing and estimating the potential risks and mitigating factors for any given financing proposal. Provided support, education, training and mentoring to staff to build risk awareness within the bank.
  • In charge of overall credit approval process for project financing including identifying each material risk associated with the design, construction, development and operation proposed projects and determining if potential participants were able to bear each such risks.
  • Responsible for managing portfolio of existing deals and reporting portfolio metrics to senior management in Madrid. Ongoing monitoring included covenant compliance, amendments and modification requests, upsizing, and internal ratings adjustments.
  • Developed initial credit policies, rating model and procedures for North American structured and project finance risk team. Established and quantified risk appetite for US and Canadian markets.
  • Lead corporate governance involving external risk reporting with local and state regulators and worked closely with both internal and external auditors conducting audits of policy and compliance to standards.

SANTANDER BANK  -  Madrid, Spain                                                                                             Jan 2008 - May 2010

Vice President – Global Structured and Project Finance Credit Risk Management

  • Performed credit risk analysis for than $500 million of non-recourse Project Finance lending facilities in infrastructure, oil & gas, conventional and renewable energy sectors in Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, etc), Spain, Italy, and Portugal.
  • In charge of performing initial review and in-depth risk analysis regarding technology, construction and operational risks, sponsor and off-taker credit profile, and overall regulatory outlook for proposed projects.
  • Responsibilities included: initial assessment and arrangement, structuring, risk analysis, market due diligence, financial modeling, and rating assignment. Liaised with different departments within the bank to structure and define term sheets and agreements.
  • Actively contributed to structuring financing terms and conditions, working closely with Bank’s legal department. Reviewed financial and legal documents from advisors and debt issuers to assess potential risks involved with proposed transactions.
  • Monitored covenant compliance and modifications for existing credit agreements and assigned ratings to new transactions.

BAYERN LB  -  New York, NY                                                                                                        Jan 2006 - Nov 2007

Vice President – Risk Management Office Americas                                                                 

  • Managed credit risk team with a portfolio worth $1.5 billion in credit facilities for Latin American and US based corporate clients. Additional responsibilities: credit approval, product development, negotiations, and covenant reporting.

CITIGROUP  -  New York, NY                                                                                                         Jul 2002 - Jan 2006

Vice President  – Public Sector and Financial Institutions Risk Management                     

  • Analyzed transactions worth over $120 million in revenues from public sector clients and financial institutions in Latin America. Worked closely with business development team on diverse product offerings.

Assistant Vice President  – Private Bank Credit Risk                                                                                       

·       Completed 2003 Citigroup’s “Global Corporate Finance and Credit Program
  • Managed portfolio of lending products for 43 high net worth individuals and small to mid-size privately held companies. Responsibilities included credit approval, covenant compliance monitoring, collateral valuation, amendments, renewal, etc.

ING BARINGS  -  Caracas, Venezuela                                                                                            Dec 1997 - Aug 2000

Relationship Manager – Oil and Gas Project Financing  

  • Conceived and organized financing structures for state-owned and corporate clients within Oil & Gas sector in Latin America. Provided advisory services for local service companies to the Oil & Gas sector.
  • 1997 to 1999 was the peak of Venezuela's "deregulation" process of its previously nationalized Oil & Gas industry. Hugo Chavez took over by 1999. 

JP MORGAN  -  New York, NY                                                                                                      Jun 1996 - Dec 1997

Equity Research Analyst                                                                                                                                   


WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY- Olin School of Business                                                          Master of Business Administration

DAVIDSON COLLEGE                                                                                   Bachelor of Arts – Economics & Political Science




  • USA and EU Citizenship.
  • Strong modeling skills and ability to lead a team while adapting to an ever-changing environment.
  • Fluent in English, Spanish. Knowledge of Portuguese.
  • Certified Volunteer Firefighter for NY and NJ. 

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