Senior Credit Risk Manager with ample experience leading teams within project, acquisition and corporate finance in Europe, Latin America and the United States. Significant knowledge of Credit and Risk Management with a global view. Extensive transactional (front office) experience structuring and analyzing project finance and buyout structures in sectors such as renewable energy, oil & gas and infrastructure. Proven ability to lead a team while adapting to an ever-changing environment. Industry-specific skills with demonstrated strategic and “bigger picture” thinking. Experience in some of the premier banks in the world. Bilingual skills with living and working experience in three continents. USA and European citizen.

- Leverage Finance                                                                 - Credit Risk Management

- Acquisition Finance / Buyouts                                             - Private Equity

- Project Finance                                                                     - Commercial Banking

- Renewable energy (solar, wind)                                           - Infrastructure

- Latin American markets                                                       - North American market

- Oil and Gas                                                                           - PPP/PPI structures

- Relationship Management                                                    - Solar and Wind Energy projects

- Corporate Finance                                                                 - Credit Ratings

- Ratings Agencies                                                                  - Investor Relations

- Team leading competencies                                                  - Technical and analytical skills

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